US must clarify its China approach

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/5/27 22:05:16

The Chinese people are so confused: What on earth does the US want with China? Does it want fair trade or does the US refuse to accept China's development and seek to break the Chinese economy as its ultimate goal? 

This is a major issue. For the sake of long-term interests and the well-being of the Chinese and the US people, as well as the world peace, Washington has an obligation to make a serious and sincere answer to the question so as to help Chinese society accurately understand the US intention. Such an understanding will profoundly affect the way Chinese society responds to the US-launched trade war and China's overall attitude toward the US.

Washington rudely tries to use a tariff war to suppress China. US vice president and US secretary of state issued fierce speeches recently. The US is also opposing almost all of China's actions on the international stage and is suppressing Huawei savagely. This behavior makes most Chinese believe the US is against China's development, and the real purpose of the US is to deprive China of its development ability and the so-called fair trade is just an excuse for stealing away interests. In other words, the US wants to rob China of not only its money but also its future.

If Washington turns its jealousy against China's development into all-round containment of the country, and would seek to sacrifice the two peoples' livelihoods and world peace only to tear China down, then this is an evil policy that violates political morality. Under such circumstances, Chinese people will not yield to the US. We will do our best to protect the right of national development and not fear any risk.

We have no idea what Washington will do in the 21st century. We hope the US clarifies its own thoughts and retains its authority, authenticity and effectiveness in responding to China's query.

China's policy toward the US is clear. At least we don't want to make it complicated. China has no will to challenge the US strategically. China's development is for the good life of the people. China has wanted to rid itself of humiliation throughout modern history, which is a strategic psychology of a defensive nature. We sincerely believe China cannot pursue its interests by zero-sum expansion. Expanding cooperation is the only way for China to advance in the world.

China doesn't think it should or is able to vie for world hegemony. We want good China-US relations, and believe that kindness should be the priority of China's diplomacy although there can be conflicts and temporary confrontation. Any risky diplomatic policies will not be supported by the people.

What is the US strategy toward China? The question makes us confused. What does it mean that the US regards China as a strategic rival? Who should be responsible for US actions? There are the US leaders' changing statements, fierce voices against China in the White House and radical claims from the US Congress. To which of these should we pay attention and which should we ignore?

Our general feeling is that the US won't allow China to catch up with it or surpass it. More and more US people believe Washington should contain China at all costs. They are becoming increasingly influential in the US, triggering the US into radical actions against China. As China is fully defensive and has not launched radical countermeasures, the US is becoming increasingly tough and hostile.

In a politically diverse US society, there is no powerful force that opposes extreme policies against China. Although there are criticisms of the trade war, most of them analyzes specific interests. They have no strategic rethinking of how to prevent escalation. US suppression of China is still expanding.

Have the US government and major US political forces made up their mind to escalate toward comprehensive containment of Beijing? Are they even prepared to further accelerate the process? Washington should figure this out and give credible answers to the Chinese and US peoples as well as the entire international society.

If this is not the will of mainstream US society and political elites, Washington should elaborate its real thoughts and carry out in-depth strategic communication with China. In the meantime, the US should resolve the two countries' specific disputes so as to make breakthroughs which are favorable to both sides.

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