Why did FedEx divert Huawei parcels?

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/5/28 21:48:40

Huawei said FedEx diverted two parcels sent from Japan and destined for Huawei address in China to the US and attempted to reroute two others sent from Vietnam to Huawei offices elsewhere in Asia: all without Huawei authorization. The Chinese tech giant will review its cooperation with FedEx. FedEx claimed it was "an isolated issue limited to a very small number of packages."

But a majority of people would link the incident to the US all-round suppression of Huawei: Is FedEx cooperating with some US government order? Of course there is another possible reason: FedEx's service is so shockingly bad that four parcels sent by one company from two different countries have been misrouted within a couple of days. Such an error rate could be fatal for a package delivery company. 

How would the US media react if the incident happened between a US high-tech company and a Chinese package delivery company? Not only the US media but also senators and even high-level officials would accuse the Chinese government of manipulating behind the curtain. Now the US media tolerates way too much of its country's irrational and illogical moves and even argues for their rationality. 

But in China, Huawei merely told media about the incident, stuck to the facts and reconsidered its relationship with FedEx. It didn't directly accuse FedEx of helping its government with dirty tricks. Neither did the Chinese government give any response to the issue as of press time on Tuesday. Likewise, Chinese media didn't carry out nationalist incitement when it analyzed the possibility that FedEx assisted the US government.

This is Chinese society's rational reaction amid intensifying China-US disputes. By comparison, the US seems aggressive. US officials, senators and media all have a tendency toward double standards. Relying on its strength, it seems that the US does not care about morality and justice. People are increasingly worried that the US can do anything bad. 

It's time for US society to propel the Washington elite to seriously reflect on themselves. Is FedEx allowed to make such an error seemingly with government intervention? Should the supply cut-off to Huawei without any credible legal basis be encouraged? How many international rules has the US violated? How many treaties has the US ruined? Are all of these proper behaviors for a self-proclaimed world leader?

The US government has been acting recklessly. Where have those critical public opinion organs been? The Wall Street Journal published an article on Saturday headlined "Huawei's yearslong rise is littered with accusations of theft and dubious ethics," wantonly slandering the global 5G leader and citing one-sided examples without basic objectivity. 

Washington accused Huawei of being subject to government control and proclaimed there were "hidden backdoors" in Huawei's devices. But no evidence has yet been found. By contrast, problems with US equipment have been constantly detected, and now FedEx has diverted packages. Not to mention the PRISM project that shocked the world. So which country of the two is the true risk to world information security? Has the sensitivity of US public opinion been overwhelmed by anti-China sentiment stimulated by those Washington right-wing elites?

China is very restrained. We hope the US can see rationality and calm from our restraint, rather than weakness. There is always a price to pay for being evil. Is the US doing evil by cracking down on Huawei and launching its brutal tariff war against China? US public opinion should figure this out by itself.

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