White Paper reveals how US acted irresponsibly in trade war

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/6/2 19:47:46

China's State Council Information Office on Sunday issued a white paper titled China's Position on the China-US Economic and Trade Consultations, providing a comprehensive picture of trade talks with US and revealing how the US threw cold water on attempts at consensus, and went back on its commitments. Backed by solid facts, the white paper holds the US completely responsible for the many setbacks in the talks, and underscores China's principled stand and its resolve to defend the country's core interests.

Washington has swayed public opinion against China in the trade dispute which is of Washington's own making. Taking advantage of its ability to influence international discourse, the US has kept misleading the public with distorted information. The US even used lies to try to shift the blame onto China. The white paper, which contains authentic data, has revealed the truth and ensured a correct understanding of the facts. 

It is beyond doubt that the US must take full responsibility for the state of current China-US relations. Over the past year, Washington has demonstrated to the world what it would do to implement its "America first" policy: It has thrown punches at its biggest trade partner, acted ruthlessly against a private enterprise on groundless charges, ignored international ethics and rules, and even schemed against its neighbors and allies. The US is now losing the moral high ground it had painstakingly built up and is stirring up trouble everywhere.

It is regretful and worrisome to see how the US has changed. As a superpower for years, the US should have had a global view. However, selfishness and parochialism have lashed American society, chipping away at reason and wisdom. With such disposition, the US would be a potently destructive power for the whole world. Hence, it is extremely urgent and vital to calm it down and sober it up.

The white paper points out that the US-provoked trade friction has also hurt its own interests. By threatening, intimidating, coercion and deceiving, Washington has gained some petty advantages in the short term. But compared to its total loss, such short-term gain is meaningless.

What China is safeguarding and defending are not only China's actual interests and development rights, but more importantly, the global industrial chain, as well as international morality, principles and order. The US is transforming from a founder into a saboteur of global morality, principles and order. Being the most powerful country cannot justify and legitimize its irresponsibility. China's resistance to US trade bullying has a worldwide and historical significance. The defensive line built by China can in fact shield many other countries.

This is a great contest between isolation and opening-up, between unilateralism and multilateralism, between free trade and protection, between fraud and integrity, and between parochialism and a broad outlook. This unprecedented game in human history is equally soul-stirring even if without guns. It is reshaping China-US ties and both sides' recognition of themselves and each other. It is even reshaping the international system, directly affecting the future of mankind.

Not much wisdom or complicated research is needed to judge such contest. The only things it needs are courage and integrity. Few countries have echoed Washington since the China-US trade disputes began. This very fact speaks for itself. Certain countries did stay silent probably out of selfishness, snobbery or fear, but silence does not amount to agreement. An increasing number of nations are now bluntly criticizing the US. 

The hegemonic power has been trying to refute facts that are for all to see in the international community. But facts speak for themselves and can never be changed by anyone.

We would advise the decision-makers in Washington to read up the white book carefully and ponder the meanings and attitudes it conveys.

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