Hollow claims by US on caring about Chinese human rights

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/6/5 6:40:48

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a statement on Monday in which he accused China of "abusing human rights" and smeared China's resolute measures to maintain national stability in the late 1980s. He also criticized China's governance in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. The US has stepped up its attacks on China on human rights issues simply because Washington's trade war with China is proving to be invalid. Now, the US has decided to impose more pressure on China over human rights issues.

In fact, the US has no credibility to hold the moral high ground. Its accusations are nothing but empty talk from a high-pitched speaker. Pompeo's statement will not be echoed in Chinese society. Instead, it will reaffirm the Chinese public's belief that current US administration is hostile to China, and Chinese cannot pin hopes on it. 

Chinese are convinced that the US government is trying to deprive China of its continued development. Washington is treating interests of the US and China as a zero-sum game. It is well recognized that the rights of Chinese are mostly rooted in sustained national stability and development. The destruction of China's stability and development is the ultimate deprivation of the rights of Chinese. The current US government is becoming the top hijacker of Chinese human rights.

Chinese are no longer so naive to believe the US is a protector of Chinese human rights. The US government always threatens to move jobs in China to the US or to Southeast Asia. They celebrate every sign that could be interpreted as economic downturn in China. Is that sincere compassion for Chinese human rights?

When Washington released information regarding trade war, it didn't care about any negative impact it may have on China's stock market or potential losses it may cause for Chinese stock investors. The US would rather see bigger losses on China to bring the country to its knees. The trade war launched by the US put the welfare of Chinese people at risk. Meanwhile, the same group of US politicians put on another face and made accusations about China's human rights, as if they really care about human rights of Chinese people.

Under the campaign of "America First," Washington has utilized its policies to eliminate the opportunity for social and economic development in many countries that will lead to the improvement of human rights. China is facing perhaps the most vicious and most hypocritical US government since its reform and opening-up.

In examining cases of China's so-called human rights violations raised by some US elites, it is obvious that those cases often relate to Chinese dissidents. The purpose is to stir up political division within China in order to split the country. In other words, they are advocating specific rights so that they can disrupt China without taking any responsibility.

It is well recognized that the US vigorously pursues its self-defined human rights philosophy for vicious political purposes. Chinese are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of not accepting human rights issues raised by the US and not accepting US values for obvious political purposes. The improvement of Chinese human rights hinges on China's continued economic and social development. Chinese know where to go and how to go, and do not need "teachers" that have vicious intentions.

If Pompeo really cares about Chinese human rights, he can order the US State Department to lift the newly-imposed visa restrictions for Chinese students. Those students have made a lot of preparations for studying abroad, which signifies an important step in their lives. Refusing their visas tramples their individual rights. Secretary Pompeo, who has the power to set visa policies, would make great contributions to Chinese rights if he could lift those visa restrictions.

The US offers its commiserations for human rights in China, yet in actions, it has been trampling on China's human rights. It is time for Mr Pompeo and his colleagues to stop the self-contradictory moves.

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