Teachers erect gaokao bridge for students

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/6/9 18:08:39

Candidates walk on the special bridge made of desks. Photo: Screenshot of Pear Video

Teachers at a high school in Yushan county, East China's Jiangxi Province, weren't about to let their students' feet get wet after heavy rains flooded the entrance to their school on the day of the national college entrance exams where to take place.  

To allow students to get past the knee-high floodwaters, the teachers used hundreds of student desks to build a bridge, which in a video posted by Pear Video appears to be at least 100-meters long. 

China's college exams known as the gaokao exams, which are taken by millions of graduating high school students on the same day, started Friday.

Teachers at the school in Yushan arrived at 6:00 am to start building the bridge across the flooded front yard to the school's exam rooms.

The video shows the "bridge" is made of two rows of yellow desks placed beside each other and snaking around the flooded area. Teachers are seen standing in the water helping students step off the bridge.

Many netizens sent their best wishes to all exam takers. "We will clear all obstacles for you, just go and fight for your future," one Net user wrote.

Pear Video


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