Chinese celebrity's Weibo account blocked after criticizing Huawei

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/6/11 17:48:40

Luo Yufeng. Photo: VCG

The Sina Weibo account of Luo Yufeng, dubbed as "China's most hated reality celebrity," was blocked late Monday night, leading Net users to cheer and speculate that it might have had something to do with her previous post, in which she called for the closure of China's telecommunication giant Huawei. 

"Huawei should have collapsed," Luo, who is better known as Sister Feng, posted on her Weibo account on May 20, which was later deleted. She had approximately 10 million followers when her account was closed.

Sister Feng's post enraged many Chinese Net users who said she was only seeking attention by attacking Huawei, which is at the center of the tech war the US is waging against China due to the latter's growing strength in the field.  

After her outrageous comment, Chinese e-commerce giant announced that it would not sell any cell phone to Sister Feng.

"Suning will never sell any phone to Luo Yufeng either online or offline… we stand with Huawei," Suning said on Weibo. 

It was unclear whether the blockage of her Weibo had anything to do with her comment on Huawei. 

Calls to the Weibo content administration department went unanswered on Tuesday. 

Weibo has been cleansing its platform by blocking or removing posts that spread harmful information, which caused the close of many Weibo accounts of online celebrities, including that of Liushen Leilei, a critic.

Weibo also said it has the right to stop service when a user infringes upon the legitimate rights and interests of individuals, enterprises, institutions or social organizations, and damages the reputation of the platform.

Chinese Net users seemed overjoyed to see Luo disappear from Weibo, claiming she deserved to have her account blocked.   

Among the first batch of Chinese online celebrities, Sister Feng first drew public attention in 2008, when she distributed 1,300 leaflets in Shanghai seeking a husband who must meet extremely high qualifications. 

She has long been known for making exaggerated and absurd comments. 

After the devastating 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, which claimed more than 69,000 lives, Sister Feng said that "China has so many people, so some deaths are OK."

She also made many other negative comments about China, such as "I'd like being a traitor to China."

She settled down in the US in 2011 on a tourist visa, and rumor has it that she was granted political asylum status, according to media reports. 

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Newspaper headline: Weibo account blocked after Huawei criticism

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