HK-meddling displays trashy US discourse

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/6/13 23:18:40

After Wednesday's protests in Hong Kong evolved into chaos, Western leaders such as US President Donald Trump, outgoing UK Prime Minister Theresa May and other politicians have all uttered their opinion. Some apparently took a side, hoping the problem can be solved and calling on all sides to show restraint, while others behave in a rude and extreme manner, represented by members of the US Congress. 

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has met Hong Kong opposition groups several times. Shortly before the chaos erupted, she wasted no time in issuing a statement that decried the "horrific" extradition bill and said the bill "showcases Beijing's brazen willingness to trample over the law." Besides, a bipartisan group of US senators issued a statement using very harsh words.

Which country's government and its mainstream political force will encourage chaos on its own soil? All countries have their own problems, but solving them with the rule of law comes at the least cost for social governance and social progress. When the Yellow Vest movement in Paris plagued the whole of France, the French government and police stressed the need for peace in people's protests. 

Will any Western country connive with demonstrators to besiege its legislative office? In all the statements released by Western politicians, there is no single sentence condemning the violent demonstrators. Rather, they said they were "moved" by the "courage" of these people. Will they say so if chaos happens in their own countries?

This is a stark provocation. These US senators make us see the dark mind of the US political elite who just want to turn Hong Kong into a chaotic place by hyping the uncontrolled violent street politics.

Those US senators could be categorized into two groups. The first group may not understand the amendment details of the extradition bill and simply criticized China, since nowadays China bashing is politically correct in the US. 

The other group likely knows that the amendments clearly note that the offence in question is a crime in both Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland and that Hong Kong courts and the chief executive will have the final say on whether to grant extradition requests. However, they pretend to not know this and manipulate the city's politics.

When it comes to China affairs, US extreme politicians are not short of ignorance, selfishness and ill intentions, but have a great lack of morality and consciousness. With discourse power in hand, they deceive the public by distortion and trickery.

Influential politicians as senior as Pelosi uttered such shallow remarks on Hong Kong affairs, which makes us see the low quality of US politics. If they want to target China effectively, at least they should be clear about what is going on. 

Please note: When Pelosi and her peers bash China, they are destroying the rationality that once built up the United States of America.

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