‘Mao Zedong class’ in Pyongyang carries on China-NK friendship

By Mang Jiuchen in Pyongyang Source:Global Times Published: 2019/6/20 23:58:40

Students attend "Mao Zedong class" at the East Pyongyang No.1 Middle School. Photo: Courtesy of People's Daily

"I will study harder to be a useful person for my country, and make my contributions to China-North Korea friendship," said a student from the "Mao Zedong class" at a high school in Pyongyang.

East Pyongyang No.1 Middle School, located in North Korea's capital, has a "Mao Zedong class" which has become a symbol of the friendship between China and North Korea. 

Set up in 1959, it is celebrating its 60th anniversary. The class now has 24 students.

"Mao Zedong class" head teacher Hong Seon-hui is looking forward to the visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping to Pyongyang.

President Xi started his two-day state visit to North Korea on Thursday morning. 

"China is North Korea's friendly neighbor. Xi's visit will further strengthen bilateral ties and friendship built by previous leaders of the two countries," Hong said.

Maeng Wi-jin, a student at the "Mao Zedong class," said he will study hard to become a useful talent and make contributions to bilateral friendship. 

Students in "Mao Zedong class" learn the Chinese language and songs, according to media reports. The school also asks students to read newspaper reports about North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's moves in pushing forward the bilateral relationship with China, media reported.

East Pyongyang No.1 Middle School has a sister school relationship with Beijing No. 5 Middle School in China, which set up a "Kim Il-sung class" in 1950. The two schools have kept friendly exchanges for decades. 

The two classes are the only ones in their respective countries named after a foreign leader. 

A group picture in the exhibit room at East Pyongyang No. 1 Middle School shows students and teachers visiting Beijing No. 5 Middle School in 2010 to celebrate the 60th birthday of the "Kim Il-sung class." 

Exchanges between the two classes not only promote mutual understanding and friendship among young people, but also help cooperation in education, Li Xuehui, former cultural counselor of the Chinese Embassy to North Korea, once noted. 


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