After gaokao divorce season begins

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/7/4 19:03:40

A broken family. Photo: VCG

While millions of Chinese students sigh in relief now that this year's national college entrance exam or gaokao is done, some parents are finally relieving themselves of unwanted spouses.

"A couple just came to file for divorce this morning," said an official of the civil affairs bureau in Xiangyang, Central China's Hubei Province in a video posted by Pear Video on Wednesday.

The mother said she didn't want to upset or distract her child before the gaokao, by filing for divorce. "I couldn't bear it anymore," the official quoted the mother as saying.

The couple filed the required documents with the bureau after they negotiated their divorce settlement.

"Such cases are very common after the gaokao and every year it's the same," said the official.

The bureau has accepted more than 300 applications for divorce since the June 9 gaokao, which is more than most other months.

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