BRICS should lead reform of the global governance system

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/7/4 19:53:40

BRICS should lead reform of the global governance syste

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During the 2019 BRICS Think Tank International Symposium: Global Governance and Multilateralism held at the Beijing International Studies University in late June, experts shared their views on what BRICS can do to improve the global governance system and defend multilateralism. The Global Times selected opinions of two experts present at the symposium.

Long Guoqiang, vice president of the Development Research Center of the State Council

The current global governance system was established after WWII and has gradually evolved and improved ever since. It is not monotonous and has entered a new stage of accelerated reforms.

The global trade system is based on the mainstream concept of free trade. Multilateral platforms, such as the World Trade Organization (WTO), and platforms for regional and bilateral cooperation have jointly built a diverse and complex multilateral trade system, which then formed the rules-based globalization.

The multilateral trade system has pushed forward cooperation in fields like technology, personnel and investment, and thus promoted global prosperity. To some extent, it is conducive to world peace.

Besides, rapid technology development and adjustment in global economic and trade development pattern demands reform of the multilateral trade system.

The world is progressing and needs updated rules for international economy and trade. Such being the case, to make the WTO more effective and better safeguard the multilateral trade system through reforms is a common wish of many WTO members. The reforms don't jeopardize the WTO or the multilateral trade system, but rather make the system more efficient and authoritative.

In the meantime, to reform the multilateral trade system, the differences between developing and developed countries should be taken into consideration so as not to exclude the many developing countries. The system should be inclusive to take in more countries to form a community of shared future.

BRICS is an important representative for developing countries. I believe the reform of the WTO would be a new area of cooperation for BRICS. 

Luan Jianzhang, secretary-general of the China Council for BRICS Think Tank Cooperation

The fundamental problem with the current global governance system is institutional. Due to a lack of coordination between the global governance system and global situation, many countries could lose their trust in the system, which used to have a relatively large influence on world peace and development.

There could be some lag in the reforms of the WTO and the UN. Moreover, many international rules need to be adjusted while norms are found lacking in emerging areas like big data and artificial intelligence. 

Before we find a specific solution for the problems we are facing, we could put forward joint consultation and sharing, principles promoted by China.

Since many questions are not answered and countries think in different ways, it is important for all of us to communicate. No country should do whatever it wants without talking to others. That's unilateralism.

BRICS should play an active role in global governance to safeguard multilateralism. The bloc should jointly work to promote more voices, initiatives and road maps that are marked by BRICS.

While BRICS countries are concerned about their own interests, they should also defend common interests and strive to reach consensus in maintaining multilateralism.

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