School girl attacked for wearing Japanese uniform

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/7/9 20:08:41

Japanese school uniforms. Photo: VCG

A video showing school girls in Southwest China's Sichuan Province slapping and kicking their schoolmate for wearing clothes that look like the Japanese high school uniform, has outraged netizens.

The video posted by shows several high school girls from the city of Dazhou cornering another girl in a dark place and telling her that "people wearing these clothes deserve to be beaten."

Many netizens were incensed by the incident. "This is not patriotism. It's school bullying. The girl should be protected under the law," wrote a netizen whose comment received a lot of support.

"Those bullies must be punished," wrote another netizen. 

China has launched a national campaign to deal with school bullying and eliminate "the evil hurting students."

Local police said Monday that they were investigating the incident. Police also asked netizens not to repost the video to protect the identity of the girl who was attacked. 



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