Starbucks urged to give customers more environment-friendly options

By Gobal Times Source:Global Times Published: 2019/7/9 20:48:40

A Starbucks logo is pictured in Manhattan, New York, the United States. Photo: Xinhua

Thirteen Environment protection organizations have called on Starbucks to reduce the use of disposable tableware.

The organizations, including China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), issued a public letter recently, pointing out that Starbucks has been damaging the environment. For example, it takes for granted that customers prefer to use disposable paper cups and does not offer suitable rewards for those who bring their own cups, Shanghai based news portal reported on Tuesday.

The letter also suggested that Starbucks should train its employees to strengthen their consciousness about environment protection.

Wang Hua from CBCGDF said that the reason they focused on Starbucks is because it is the leader of the global coffee industry, and changes it makes could have a positive influence on the whole industry. 

Starbucks has not yet replied to the letter.

However, an employee surnamed Ma from Starbucks' customer care center told that Starbucks shops in Shanghai have stopped automatically using paper cups since July 1 this year.

A Beijing resident surnamed Song, who is a frequent visitor to Starbucks, told the Global Times that she sometimes brings her own cup in order to be more environment-friendly. However, some employees still give her disposable cups filled with coffee first and then ask her to pour it into her own cup.

Lu Yunyan, a member of another of the environmental protection organizations that signed the letter, said that even if customers do not bring their own cups, Starbucks can still provide a cup rental service and give customers another way to contribute to environmental protection. 

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