Guizhou Province removes swine fever blockades in five counties

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/7/16 20:43:08

All swine fever blockades in five counties in Southwest China's Guizhou Province have been removed, an official said at a press conference, according to Guizhou TV. 

Since new outbreaks were reported in October 2018, Guizhou's African swine fever prevention and control office has been investigating and cleaning up in a three-kilometer radius around the affected area, according to a report by Guizhou TV on Monday. 

Local authorities took the lead in banning slops in pig feeding and began transportation arrangements for pigs and pork products, the report said. 

Since prevention and control work began, the provincial agriculture and rural affairs departments have investigated and handled 688 cases of illegal pig transportation, 10,400 infected pigs have been culled, and 121,500 kilograms of pork products have been destroyed. 

A total of 595 suspects have been investigated, and 472 have been fined a total of 1.57 million yuan ($228,900), the press conference disclosed. 

Blockades in Qixingguan district, Hezhang county in Bijie city, Baiyun district and Wudang district of Guiyang, and Longli county of Qiannan Autonomous Prefecture have been lifted. 

The local public security offices have dealt with nine criminal offences involving swine flu, arrested 30 suspects, placed 28 in criminal detention and arrested 25 suspects since 2018. 

Eighteen cases have been processed, with 20 under detention, and five have been fined, said He Chuande, an official with the provincial public security department. 

The State Council circulated a guideline to enhance prevention and control of swine fever on July 3, calling for more efforts to supervise the entire chain of China's pig industry. 

The guideline requires the strengthening of regulations on disease prevention and control in pig farms, transportation and slaughtering procedures, according to the website. 

Blockades in Southwest China's Sichuan Province and Northwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region have been removed since July, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MOA). China reported its first case of the disease in August 2018 in Northeast China's Liaoning Province. Later outbreaks were reported in several other provincial regions. 

As of July 3, 143 outbreaks have been reported in China, with 1.16 million pigs culled, according to the MOA.

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