Macao netizens slam HK mob provocation

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/7/19 19:38:40

A policeman is attacked by protesters inside a mall in Sha Tin District in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on Sunday. Hong Kong Police Commissioner Stephen Lo Wai-chung strongly condemned the violence, vowing to track down those responsible for the clashes and hold them accountable. Photo: AP

Netizens from the Macao Special Administrative Region condemned the violence of Hong Kong opposition forces and urged these "mobs" not to talk nonsense on Facebook's Macao pages, following a widely denounced social media post that tried to arouse resentment of Macao people.

Some protesters from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region tried to make use of Facebook to mobilize people in Macao to join their protest with agitating posts. 

But to their dismay, the overwhelming majority of Macao netizens expressed strong disapproval to the call, pointing out what they are doing hurts their own region.

A post by a Hong Kong neitzen named Tan Shishi on Facebook showed the stark contrast between Hong Kong protesters and citizens in Macao.

"Recently, Macao people criticized the Hong Kong protest. Maybe your guys don't understand our feelings. What I've seen in Macao is the destruction of Macao culture, historical heritage, its unique features and waiting for the bus [habit]," read the post. "Hope you can protect your Macao from being encroached. Don't [let me] hear that there will be no Macao people in Macao."

"Don't make a fuss in Macao. Macao won't let go of troublemakers," a netizen named Near Lam commented.

The original post has been deleted on Facebook on Friday afternoon, but another netizen reposted it and solicited opinions on it.

Macao netizens said, "At least I didn't beat police," "Our Macao people live a simple life, have a job to do, afternoon tea to drink, can go traveling. Our families are happy and this is enough for us."

Some expressed support for the revision of the extradition law in Hong Kong. "I've read the amendment. It's a law protecting Hong Kong people."

Others voiced support for the Hong Kong police and demanded the poster not to force other cities to do the same thing of violent protests as every region has its unique culture.  

In the comment areas, some said they are proud of their identity as Chinese in Macao and their current livelihood.

Since returning to China in 1999, Macao has seen a booming economy and people have been living a prosperous life. This year, the Macao government increased the annual cash handout to permanent residents to 10,000 patacas ($1,245), from 9,000 patacas, media reported.

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