Simon Yam attack is not just celebrity gossip news

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/7/22 0:48:39

China's state media is calling for improved public security and mental health care after Hong Kong actor Simon Yam Tat-wah was stabbed by a mentally ill man during a promotional event on Saturday. 

Yam, 64, remains in critical condition at an intensive care unit in Hong Kong after undergoing surgery for puncture wounds to his stomach and fingers which he sustained in Zhongshan, South China's Guangdong Province, Saturday morning.

Eye-witness video footage circulating on Sina Weibo shows a man rushing onto a stage with a knife and lunging at Yam, stabbing and slashing the actor repeatedly.

Police apprehended and detained the alleged attacker at the scene of Saturday's incident. 

Local police announced on Weibo the 53-year old suspect had been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Law enforcement officials also said an investigation is ongoing. 

Chinese state-run media outlet Guangming Daily published an editorial on its WeChat account, "Yam Tat-wah being stabbed is not entertainment news," pointing out the lack of public services available for those suffering with mental disorders has had a negative influence on society and allowed for increased violence carried out by mental health sufferers. 

Concerns over public safety risks have spread following Yam's attack.

"How to help those with mental disorders and lower their possible harmfulness in society?" the editorial asked. 

Mental health experts have said, "To reduce crimes committed by mental patients, in the final analysis, the effective treatment and rehabilitation rates must be improved," the editorial emphasized.

The editorial pointed out that due to the amount and complexity when treating mental disorders, a patient's family alone is not enough to make a difference. Meanwhile, a shortage of resources, including hospital beds and mental health practitioners, have created greater treatment challenges, contributing to a negative spillover among Chinese society. 

The editorial urged the public to provide more attention and care to those suffering from mental disorders instead of confronting or discriminating against them, which are common methods used to relieve the similar acts of violence.

In China, violent acts carried out by those suffering from  mental disorders has increased. There are over 16 million people suffering from significant mental health issues, with only 20 percent receiving effective treatment, while 10 percent of the overall number are potentially dangerous, the editorial said.

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