Hong Kong rioters can’t get away with their acts

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/7/22 22:48:40

The opposition in Hong Kong organized another demonstration on Sunday afternoon. But after the protesters reached their final protest site, some did not leave. Instead, they besieged the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Some rioters defaced the national emblem with black paint at the gate of the liaison office and daubed graffiti with insulting words on the wall. Such behavior openly challenged the authority of the central government, touched the bottom line of the one country, two systems policy and violated law. 

These rioters obviously know that their behavior constitutes a serious offence. They damaged surveillance cameras near the building, used masks to cover their faces, and used umbrellas to avoid identification by surveillance equipment, trying to make it difficult for the police to collect evidence so as to escape punishment. 

These people are as frenzied as rioters and as cowardly as villains. But all their tricks will be useless. Riots can be frenzied, but they will eventually be dispersed. Justice will not be impeded and will be served. The criminals who insulted China's national emblem will eventually be in the defendant's seat. Prison awaits them.

What the violent protesters did to the Chinese central government's liaison office was vile. This shows that violence in Hong Kong is still escalating. A small number of rioters have made up their minds to oppose the country. They are looking for a way to stir up more troubles. They aim at completely messing up Hong Kong.

The vandals wore masks to escape being recognized and put behind bars. This shows that they are afraid of breaking the law. They have no courage at all to pay the price for the so-called justice they are pursuing and they only dare to behave that way when banding together with a large mass. 

It is reported that dozens of protesters in Hong Kong have "fled" to Taiwan, seeking asylum, without being indicted. We don't know what they have done. But this shows violent demonstrations in Hong Kong have scant support. 

The performance of the violent demonstrators is eye-catching. But the foundation of justice in the city is not shattered. It will help uphold Hong Kong in the long run, despite all the hardships it faces. No matter how rampant the mobs are, their real power is weak.

Hong Kong police were restrained but this doesn't mean they are incapable of taking on the rioters. The police are supported by citizens who desire peace and stability, all the Chinese people and the strong central government. The crazier the rioters, the sooner they will face the consequences. 

Hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong people gathered together on Saturday to appeal for the restoration of order, which shows that they want the chaos to end. A few people who continue to misconstrue the situation and crank up their despicable acts will never be a dominating force.

The rioters should stop as soon as they can. They won't have a way out by antagonizing Hong Kong laws and the Basic Law. The central government and Chinese people will resolutely make sure this principle.

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