Police arrest jingri for insulting China

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/7/29 23:13:40

Police in Dalian, Northeast China's Liaoning Province said Sunday they arrested a man who made and spread anti-China and separatist comics online. 

Police said the man surnamed Lu, 36, is heavily affected by jingri, or "Japanese in spirit." Lu posted a series of comics that insulted China or promoted hatred against China with 22-year-old woman Zhang. 

A very small number of Chinese who are supporters of right-wing Japanese forces and disrespect Chinese war victims, are often called "jingri."

They wrote more than 140 posts that incite secessionism and national hatred. The posts also insulted Chinese people and the country, which hurt the people's feelings and caused extremely bad social influence, the announcement said. 

According to media reports, it is one of six similar cases that have been busted recently across the country.  

The same day, Huainan police in East China's Anhui Province reported the arrest of Zhang, who drew 300 comics that distort history and offered them to Lu to get attention from jingri groups online. 

Two cities in Central China's Hubei Province also said they had arrested a man and educated a teenager for vilifying China and abusing or threatening other net users. 

Global Times

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