Macao holds 22nd Int’l Comparative Literature Congress

Source:Xinhua Published: 2019/7/30 17:23:40

The International Comparative Literature Association (ICLA) held its 22nd congress at the University of Macao on Monday, attracting over 1,200 experts and scholars from nearly 50 countries and regions.

The five-day event focused on the theme of "World literature and future of comparative literature," including seven conference reports, 15 sub-forums and over 30 roundtables.

The attending experts and scholars were from nearly 50 countries and regions, including Germany, Russia, the US, South Korea, China and Britain.

Some nationwide comparative literature groups from France, Japan, Brazil and Portugal also attended the congress.

Many renowned researchers in comparative literature were invited to share their latest achievements in keynote speeches, including Professor Haun Saussy from the University of Chicago, Professor Zhang Longxi from City University of Hong Kong, and Professor Zhu Shoutong from the University of Macao.

The congress also invited some students and early-career scholars, including Zhao Ruofan, a Chinese in her second year of senior high school who discussed Joseph Conrad and his anti-colonialism discourse.

Founded in 1955 in Italy, ICLA aims at encouraging exchange and cooperation among comparatists. It organizes a world congress every three years.

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