China summons US diplomats, demanding clarification on meeting with HK secessionists

By Li Ruohan Source:Global Times Published: 2019/8/8 17:43:41

Patriotic Hong Kong residents pose for photos with the Chinese national flag at Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor on early Sunday morning. The banner reads "Opposing foreign forces' interference in Hong Kong affair! Traitors get out of China!"Photo: Chen Qingqing/GT

China on Thursday urgently summoned senior officials from the US consulate general in Hong Kong and lodged stern representations over the contact between US consulate officials and Hong Kong secessionist forces.

Joshua Wong, who frequently collude with overseas anti-China forces to smear the image of China and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, admitted his interactions with officials from the US consulate general on Tuesday, Hong Kong-based newspaper Ta Kung Pao reported Thursday.

The newspaper said Wong met with Julie Eadeh, political unit chief of the consulate general on Tuesday and discussed issues such as banning US exports of equipment to Hong Kong police. 

Officials from Commissioner's Office of China's Foreign Ministry in Hong Kong have demanded the US consulate general clarify the contact while expressing strong discontent and resolute opposition to the interference by the diplomat. 

In a statement released on Thursday, the commissioner's office also urged officials from the US consulate general to draw a clear line with Hong Kong secessionist forces, stop sending wrong signals to the radical protesters indulged in violence and immediately stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs. 

"Do not go too far on the wrong path," it warned.

The contact between the anti-China force and a US diplomat is "solid evidence" the US is behind the riots in Hong Kong, Li Haidong, a professor with the China Foreign Affairs University's Institute of International Relations in Beijing, told the Global Times. 

Eadeh was involved in plotting subversive actions under the name of human rights and democracy while she was stationed in the Middle East as a diplomat, said Ta Kung Pao.

She has worked for the US Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, which previously released the so-called human rights reports on China and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

The meeting at such a critical moment shows that the US is using the chaotic situation to launch a color revolution in Hong Kong so that it could benefit from the disorder and better serve its strategy to contain China, Li noted. 

On Wednesday, top central government officials overseeing Hong Kong affairs said that the city was experiencing its worst crisis since its return in 1997, noting that stopping the violence and restoring order are the most urgent issues. 

Analysts also warned that colluding with foreign forces will only accelerate the end of Hong Kong secessionist forces, as the central government as well as patriotic groups and police in Hong Kong will not allow the city to be destroyed by overseas forces. 

Newspaper headline: China urgently summons US diplomats over interference


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