More evidence shows US diplomats' engagement in Hong Kong riots

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/8/12 1:16:32

Media revealed more evidence of US diplomats' engagement in stirring the situation of ongoing riots in Hong Kong as they were reported to have met Hong Kong separatists before meeting Joshua Wong on the same day, Chinese media reported on Sunday.

US consulate officials including Julie Eadeh, political unit chief of the US consulate general, met and talked with Hong Kong secessionists Anson Chan Fang On-sang and Lee Chu-ming on an elevator at Exchange Square in Hong Kong on Tuesday, according to the news media Wen Wei Po.

The US consulate general in Hong Kong is stepping up its direct interference in Hong Kong's situation, Chinese experts said, noting that the contact between the anti-China force and a US diplomat is "solid evidence" the US is behind the riots in Hong Kong. 

The report cited two photos provided by an internet user on Tuesday.

"They are all well-known people. I opened my cellphone and took a few pictures without paying much attention to the people next to me," the internet user was quoted as saying by Hong Kong-based pro-establishment newspaper. 

A few days later, when he looked at the photos on his phone, he found that Julie Eadeh was among them and Eadeh had met them before meeting Joshua Wong. 

Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao reported that Joshua Wong admitted meeting officials from the US consulate general on Tuesday. 

Wong frequently colludes with overseas anti-China forces to smear the image of China and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the pro-establishment newspaper said.

China on Thursday urgently summoned senior officials from the US consulate general in Hong Kong and lodged stern representations over the contact. 

In a statement released Thursday, officials from Commissioner's Office of China's Foreign Ministry in Hong Kong urged officials from the US consulate general to draw a clear line with Hong Kong secessionist forces, stop sending wrong signals to radical protesters indulging in violence and immediately stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs.


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