Pence’s remarks on HK reveal ‘Cold War mentality’ and ‘hegemony’

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/8/20 17:43:40

Pence’s remarks reveal ‘hegemony’

The Hong Kong Garrison of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) holds a drill in waters near Hong Kong, June 26, 2019. Members of the army, navy and air force of the PLA garrison in Hong Kong took part in the joint naval and air patrol exercise that aimed to review and raise the units' combat abilities in emergency dispatches, ad hoc deployment and joint operations. Photo:


The Office of the Commissioner of China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) on Tuesday expressed strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition to some US politicians' arbitrary interference in Hong Kong affairs and attempt to use resolution of China-US trade negotiations as a threat. 

"Some politicians on the US side are stubbornly obsessed with a Cold War mentality, hegemony and zero-sum way of thinking, and they are confusing right and wrong, turning black into white," read the Office of the Commissioner statement which came in response to remarks made by US Vice President Mike Pence at the Detroit Economic Club on Monday.

At the event, Pence said that for the US to make a deal with China, Beijing needs to "honor its commitments, beginning with the commitment China made in 1984 to respect the integrity of Hong Kong's laws through the Sino-British Joint Declaration." 

He claimed that the US administration will continue to urge China to act in a "humanitarian manner" and urged China and the demonstrators in Hong Kong to resolve differences peacefully. 

The Office of the Commissioner refuted his remarks, saying that China's central government has consistently upheld the principles of the Declaration including "one country, two systems" and "Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong," and has strictly observed the Constitution and Basic Law, and Hong Kong residents have enjoyed unprecedented rights and freedoms since Hong Kong was returned to China 22 years ago. 

According to the office, the HKSAR's ranking on the global Rule of Law index surged from 60th in the 1996 to No.16 in 2018, higher than the US ranking on the chart.

The rule of law is the core value that residents of Hong Kong take great pride in, and is the corner stone of the region's prosperity, which cannot be allowed to be trampled, destroyed or slandered by any foreign force, the statement said. This echoes the Hong Kong government's stance. 

This echoes the Hong Kong government's stance.

"One of the most important strengths [of Hong Kong] is the rule of law. That's why we have been doing so much to ensure that the rule of law is being upheld and respected in Hong Kong," Chief Executive Carrie Lam said on Tuesday.

The Office of the Commissioner added that the Sino-British Joint Declaration does not endow the UK any right to interfere in Hong Kong affairs. It is a bilateral treaty between China and the UK and no other country or organization can interfere in Hong Kong affairs in the name of the treaty.

Hong Kong is China's Hong Kong and Hong Kong affairs are China's domestic affairs, said the Office of the Commissioner, adding that China strongly opposes to all attempts by certain countries to use the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong and the well-being of the Special Administrative Region's 7 million residents as a bargaining chip.

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Newspaper headline: Pence’s remarks reveal ‘hegemony’


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