Taylor Swift new album ‘Lover’ big hit in Chinese mainland

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/8/22 18:58:47

The cover of Taylor Swift's 'Lover' Photo: IC

US singer-songwriter Taylor Swift's new album Lover has topped the weekly bestselling digital album list on major Chinese music platform NetEase Cloud Music and has laid claim to presales of more than 201,300 units by Thursday, a day before its official release.

Lover has also been one of the hottest albums on other major Chinese music platforms, such as selling 4.69 million songs from the album on QQ Music and 15,882 units on Kugou Music.

One of the most popular US singers in China, Swift has more than 8 million followers on Sina Weibo. To show their support, fans have established numerous accounts on the platform with specific purposes such as sharing the latest information about her, photos and even combating actions that may hurt her bottom line. For example, fans once published on Sina Weibo a list of e-shops known for selling pirated albums and called on fellow fans to boycott them.

The singer is especially popular on NetEase Cloud Music. Her two albums, Reputation and 1989, are ranked at No.1 and No.2 on the all time bestsellers list. Swift sent a thank-you video message to members who listen to her music on NetEase Cloud Music and told them that her favorite song is the title track "Lover" and asked fans what their favorite song on the album is.

While the international version of Lover has 18 tracks, the digital release of Lover in the Chinese mainland has 20 tracks in total, as it features two bonus "audio memos."

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