On eve of G7, Huawei representative calls on Europe to resist US pressure

Source:Xinhua Published: 2019/8/23 19:42:36

On eve of the G7 meeting, Huawei's chief representative to the European Union Institutions said Friday that Huawei will continue to strengthen its cooperation with governments, mobile operators and local industrial partners in Europe, despite the attempts of the United States to drive it out of market.

Leaders of the seven wealthy, industrialized counties -- including Britain, France, Germany and Italy -- will gather in the southern French town of Biarritz later this week. Huawei on Friday wants to send a message ahead of the occasion.

Abraham Liu, the Huawei representative, said in Brussels that the United States has restricted Huawei because the US wants to "continue to be dominant in the hi-tech industry".

"If the global marketplace continues to allow the US to behave in any way it likes, it is sending a very dangerous signal. The whole world may gradually move from an orderly check-and-balance system to a riot of uncertainty, irrationality and chaos," Liu said.

Huawei boasts an unblemished cybersecurity record with no major security incident in three decades, with Liu repeating -- as Huawei executives often do -- that Huawei is probably the most scrutinized of all companies in the world.

Despite a ruthless campaign to ban Huawei, the US has failed to show evidence of Huawei's wrongdoing on the table and got mixed reactions from even its closest allies in Europe.

"I am sure that Huawei and Europe will continue to strengthen their cooperation not just here, but worldwide, and make their own efforts count towards the building of a prosperous digital ecosystem," Liu added.

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