HK chief executive urges protesters to 'sit down and talk' amid ongoing protests

By Chen Qingqing, Wang Wenwen in Hong Kong and Hu Yuwei in Beijing Source:Global Times Published: 2019/8/24 20:38:44

Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) on Saturday called for a halt to violence and urged protesters to "sit down and talk" to find a way out of the standstill that violent protests have brought to the city's social order for the last two months.

"Today, people with different political opinions and different positions of the public are constantly escalating, and may even make hatred grow. After more than two months, everyone is tired, can we sit down and talk about it?" Carrie Lam said on her Facebook on Saturday.

She made the appeal after she met a group of people who seek to solve the current situation in Hong Kong on Saturday morning. 

"The meeting was not the 'platform of dialogue' which was called by the public, but invited them to share the idea of building a platform for dialogue, and I am very grateful to them for their willingness to walk into the government house in the difficult time and help us find a way out of the community," she said. 

Lam said the current predicament is due to the fugitive s' Amendment Ordinance, but the discontent of the public may also be a social contradiction between the different areas of politics, economy, people's livelihood and so on. 

"While calling for a halt to violence, we must also provide a way to unlock the deeper "Knot of the knot" of society," Lam said. 

"We hope to take the first step first, even though this step may be small, I believe it is also worth it," she noted. 

"The current situation in Hong Kong is very serious. The extradition bill has been a catalyst for social unrest, bringing to light deep-seated problems that have accumulated over the years. However, violence and hatred cannot solve the current problems in Hong Kong," Henry Tang Ying-yen, former chief secretary for administration of HKSAR, said in a statement sent to the Global Times.

"Only by returning to rationality and engaging in dialogue can we mend the cracks, eliminate conflicts and solve the problems," he said. 

"I would like to reiterate my appeal that the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong are the fundamental common interests of the whole community. Only by ending violence, putting aside hatred and returning to rational discussion can we resolve the issue and move forward," Tang Ying-yen stressed.

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