Consumers question Shanghai Disney’s bag check policy, citing encroachment of privacy

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/8/25 18:38:39

An explanation by the Shanghai Disney Resort over the weekend about its entry policy, which asks all visitors to open their bags and have all items checked by staff, has been challenged by Chinese consumers, who said the policy is an invasion of privacy and is commercially motivated. 

"Security checks are no fun for our guests and or us. However, we are required by relevant law and regulation to check all guests and bags before their entry to Shanghai Disneyland," said a statement released by Shanghai Disney Resort on Friday.

Chinese netizens said the statement lacks sincerity.

"We work closely with local departments to decide the security check procedures and we regularly review and improve the rules to ensure full compliance," read the statement.

Many domestic netizens said that normal security checks differ from those involving bag checks. "A security detector can help Disney ensure safety before entry, so why must they choose such an inefficient method? The real intention seems to advance its food ban policy," a netizen named Fengpinglangjing said.

"I support security checks, which are necessary, but I don't buy such an unfair requirement," said a netizen named Wuweizhijiao on Sina Weibo platform.

Disney's bag check policy, which aims to prevent visitors from bringing food into the park, is based on an unfair clause and violates customers' right to make an independent choice, Wei Wei, a lawyer with Beijing-based Kangda Law Firm, told the Global Times on Sunday.

"Security checks should be conducted in a proper manner, as we can see at airport or train stations. Security guards check passengers and bags on condition that they agree and coordinate; otherwise, it will infringe their legal rights and interests," Wei noted.

Disputes related to Disney's food ban have also aroused public attention. A student surnamed Wang filed a lawsuit against Disney over the park's security procedures, which meant she couldn't bring in her own snacks, media reports said.

A mediator with the consumer council of Shanghai's Pudong New District said Shanghai Disney has refused to compromise on issues including food bans and bag checks because such policies are designed by the Disney park, reported on Thursday.

But Disney said that it fully respects and actively complies with all legal procedures, and it denied that it refused to accept mediation, according to the statement.

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