Huawei probably makes its maiden HarmonyOS debut on smartphone at P40 device

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/9/8 19:00:58

Huawei will probably make its maiden debut of its self-developed operating system (OS) HarmonyOS on smartphone at the Huawei P40 device, which is expected to debut in March 2020, the Chinese tech company confirmed with the Global Times on Sunday.

"If we're still not allowed [by the US government] to access Google's Android service, we will consider using our own HarmonyOS. In fact our OS is ready, but we will not use it in the first place as we're still considering a relevant decision and cooperation," Richard Yu Chengdong, head of the company's consumer business, said at a press briefing at the consumer electronics exhibition IFA2019 in Berlin. The event took place from Friday and lasts until Wednesday. 

With questions regarding whether Huawei will sell its homegrown Kirin chipset to other vendors, Yu said that the company is still discussing the matter. "We only produce for self use right now, but we're also considering selling the chip to [players in] other industries, such as Internet of Things (IoT). But we're pondering it."

Huawei unveiled its latest high-end system-on-chip 5G chipset, Kirin 990, on Friday in Beijing, which the company calls a new breakthrough amid the ongoing US technology attack. 

The HarmonyOS is widely regarded as Huawei's plan B to replace the Andorid OS amid a US-led crackdown on China's tech rise. In mid-May, the US Commerce Department put Huawei on an entity list that could cut off Google's Andorid supply to Huawei. But following the ban, Washington gave Huawei a 90-day reprieve and then extended the temporary trade license for another 90 days which will expire on November 19. 

Huawei launched HarmonyOS in August. 

Along with the launch, it also unveiled its first product to be equipped with HarmonyOS— a new smart television under its Honor brand. The company's executive did not walk away from applying the OS into its smartphone at that time and stressed that Huawei can "use its own OS anytime if needed."


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