Calvin Klein sparks controversy as employee wears black mask in apparent support of HK rioters

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/9/16 19:23:40

Photo: IC

US clothier Calvin Klein is again in trouble on Chinese social media after posts showing one of its employees wearing a black mask during work hours in apparent support of Hong Kong rioters went viral over the weekend. 

A widely circulated screenshot of a post on Facebook, shows a female employee standing in a Calvin Klein store wearing a black mask, which is a key part of Hong Kong rioters' all black outfit. 

"Calvin Klein allows employee to wear black mask to serve the guests," read the post by a member of patriotic group named HKAT that opposes rioters and Hong Kong secessionists. 

The post comes after Calvin Klein's apology in early August for mislabeling Chinese regions Hong Kong, Taiwan or Macao as countries. 

The Facebook post has triggered outrage among Chinese netizens who say brand supports Hong Kong rioters.  

"CK never realizes they are wrong," commented a user of China's Twitter-like social media platform Sina Weibo.

Calvin Klein did not respond to a request for comment by Global Times as of press time.


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