US Congress, secessionists deceive HK

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/9/19 22:18:41

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Photo: VCG

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and some House members on Wednesday met Hong Kong's extreme opposition, including Joshua Wong Chi-fung and Denise Ho Wan-see. Pelosi and the House members touted Hong Kong's protests and expressed their support for the Hong Kong protesters' demands, including so-called universal suffrage. Wong and Ho said they are at "the forefront of this great noble fight for universal values." Republican Representative Michael McCaul said that "America stands with you."

The US Congress is interfering in China's domestic affairs. In 2018, these people accused China of infiltrating the US through Confucius Institutes and media activities. These politicians are much too overbearing and unreasonable. It would be useless to try to talk sense into these selfish and narrow-minded people.

These people are ideological maniacs full of prejudice and even hatred against China. They want to take China down but are not willing to pay the price. They are busy forming an anti-China forefront in the Chinese mainland's surrounding countries and regions, at the price of local people's interests. They have seen such hope from some Hongkongers' emotions.

Wong and other extreme oppositionists are pushing Hong Kong to become "volunteers" in the US containment of China. Hong Kong's ordinary people will lose their future after a confrontation that destroys all sides. Only a few people in the limelight can easily win Western countries' special protection. They turn ordinary people's interests into their personal political bargain chips.

If some Hongkongers are deceived by the US and turn the protests into a political confrontation that demands absolute universal suffrage, then they are doomed to fail. Hong Kong is a special administrative region (SAR) of China. Making systematic arrangements for "universal suffrage" based on the Basic Law and preventing an SAR government that opposes the central government is a bottom line that can't be crossed.

Traitors like Jimmy Lai Chee-ying, Martin Lee Chu-ming and Wong have already linked their interests to anti-China forces in the US and the West. If such traitors are in charge of Hong Kong's constitutional authority, the city will be out of the central government's control and will be part of the sphere of Washington's influence, becoming a "new Guam."  

There must be a political bottom line for Hong Kong's high degree of autonomy. Some US elites and Hong Kong extremists try to use the so-called US democracy and freedom to disturb people's understanding of the bottom line and to deceive Hong Kong people. Their plot must be frustrated.

Obviously, universal interests do not exist in the US, or any other country and region. There are always conflicts between universal values and universal interests. The values and political structure of the Philippines, Haiti and Ukraine's Catholic region are similar to that of the US. But where are their common interests? Where are their peoples' rights to a good living? Where is Washington's assistance to these countries and regions?

If Hong Kong becomes the forefront of defending Western values, who would compensate Hong Kong's current and future losses? Washington wants Hongkongers to worship Western democratic fantasy so that Americans can benefit from it. Some US House members treat Hong Kong maliciously.

Hong Kong is not a country. Hong Kong has no major political disputes, and life in Hong Kong is freer than in Western societies. Western anti-China forces and Hong Kong's extreme opposition have politicized the city. This is the new shackles that Hong Kong must shake off.

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