Patriotism education guideline reviewed before anniversary

By Wang Qi Source:Global Times Published: 2019/9/24 23:43:40

Perfect timing as national pride peaks: expert

Children from a Kindergarten at Rugao county of Nantong city, East China's Jiangsu Province, wave national flag with joy, on September 20, 2019. Photo: VCG.

The Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) held a session on Tuesday, reviewing a guideline on strengthening the education of patriotism in the new era, which is set to be released amid the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

The draft and distribution of the official document, themed "the implementation of the patriotic education in the new era," is of great practical and far-reaching historical significance in terms of leading the Chinese people to move forward with patriotism and to achieve the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the Xinhua News Agency reported on Tuesday.

The session calls for patriotism education with depth, durability and vividness among youth, in order to make the spirit of patriotism take root, Xinhua said. 

"China has the tradition of patriotism and it is consistent with the Chinese tradition and culture," Chu Zhaohui, a research fellow at the Beijing-based National Institute of Education Sciences, told the Global Times on Tuesday.

According to Chu, with increasing communication between other countries of different cultural backgrounds, it is important to remember and stick to one's own culture, especially patriotism. 

He also mentioned that it was perfect timing to release such a document amid the grand celebration of the founding anniversary for the country, as the sense of national pride reaches its peak naturally.

Patriotism education-themed exhibitions at 41 patriotism education venues in Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality which kicked off in July have received more than 1 million visitors, according to data cited in another Xinhua report also on Tuesday

On September 19, the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, announced the addition of 39 more patriotism education demonstration bases increasing the bases to 473 in total across the nation.

Also in July, the CPC Central Committee and State Council jointly issued a guideline, stipulating that the country's compulsory education should emphasize the cultivation of students' core socialist values, traditional Chinese culture and mental health.

Schools should strengthen education in patriotism, collectivism and socialism, plus guide children and teenagers to listen to and follow the CPC.

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