Tsai’s speech malign, ridiculous

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/10/10 23:53:36

In a speech on Thursday, Taiwan regional leader Tsai Ing-wen hyped the mainland's "diplomatic offensives and military coercion" and said the mainland is "threatening to impose" the "one country, two systems" principle on Taiwan. She recounted the "serious challenges" Taiwan had faced over the past 70 years, saying that "we wipe away our tears and stand up once again."

Tsai also mentioned the so-called three goals of the future - "to defend our sovereignty," "continue to build a stronger Taiwan and bolster our economic capabilities to create a prosperous society and powerful country" and "actively engage with the world and overcome challenges, so that the Republic of China (Taiwan) can hold its head high on the international stage with confidence." Tsai did not forget to brag about her political achievements, but she only said a few words about it because there was nothing much to say.

Obviously, Tsai wants to wangle votes by creating panic and intensifying cross-Straits confrontation. She said "we will not act provocatively or rashly," which reflects her trembling heart. In the context of Taiwan's current condition and the cross-Straits situation, Tsai's speech is malign and ridiculous. 

First, does the island have "sovereignty?" Taiwan is an inalienable part of China. This is an ironclad fact recognized by the whole world. Since Tsai took office three years ago, Taiwan has lost seven "diplomatic allies." Based on the trend, it may soon lose all. What Tsai referred to as "sovereignty" is nonexistent. How can the island defend it?

Second, since the Tsai authority always messes things up, how can Taiwan develop its economy? Taiwan's "ministry of finance" released Monday the island's export data for September, showing a decline beyond expectations. The unemployment rate in Taiwan remains high and wages have remained stagnant. Since Tsai assumed office, cross-Straits relations have deteriorated drastically, and Taiwan's tourism industry and agricultural exports have suffered a blow. Poor cross-Straits relations will lead to a poor economy in Taiwan. This is common sense. 

Third, because Tsai refuses to recognize the 1992 Consensus, will there be any space for Taiwan in the international community? Tsai is boasting without shame. Are there any formal international occasions that Taiwan can engage in? The island can only send uninvited representatives. Even netizens in Taiwan pour ridicule on them.

Tsai made up to the Western countries in her speech on October 10, 2018, but she said nothing about them on Thursday. Obviously, Tsai intended to raise her status by bonding the island with the US tighter last year. However, after one year, Tsai realized she had gained nothing from such a move and began to be aware of the high risk of being a chess piece of the US. In the past year, Tsai could have clearly seen the fact that she doesn't mean much to Washington.

What hasn't changed is Tsai and her Democratic Progressive Party's attitude against reunification. This has pushed the island to the edge of the cliff. We don't know what was in Tsai's mind after she watched the military parade held on National Day in Beijing. What we know is confronted with such power and the strong will of the mainland, the island can easily see the consequences.

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