Chinese singer slams cyberbullying amid kicking controversy Published: 2019/10/18 0:54:22

Chinese singer Na Ying Photo: VCG

A famous Chinese singer slammed cyber violence against her and her family Thursday amid controversy after she allegedly kicked a woman who was secretly filming her and her friend.

52-year-old Chinese singer Na Ying posted a thousand word article on Sina Weibo saying that the rumors circulating online concerning the kicking scandal and an alleged divorce are cyberbullying, and have harmed her husband and children.

"Here I would like to say to netizens who could manipulate the violence: Stop the delusion that you could always hide in a dark corner and use malicious arguments to destroy the happiness of others; stop the delusion that you could challenge the wisdom and judgment of the public with this evil practice; stop the delusion that you could keep the victims of bullying in silence," read her article.

Na said she appointed a lawyer to preserve all evidence and reserve the right to take legal action.

Na noted she has accepted public supervision with an open mind and would try to set a better example for the society and the younger generation.

The article was published after a recent video showing Na kicking a woman, who walks ahead of Na, secretly filming her and her assistant by pretending to take selfie in Macao Special Administrative Region. 

The incident went viral on social media. Some netizens said Na did well as the woman filming in secret violated Na's privacy rights, while some criticized Na's act as rude.

In the midst of that , rumors that Na was getting a divorce with her husband spread online, which is viewed by some to be the reason Na posted the article.

However, some netizens seemed to not buy her statement and asked her to respond to the kicking incident.

Na did not respond to the incident as of press time.

Other celebrities have found themselves mired in cyber violence. According to South Korean media reports, K-pop singer Sulli, 25, committed suicide at her house Monday after she had suffered from severe depression allegedly as a result of malicious comments and rumors spreading about her online.

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