Huawei set to become new engine for security industry

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/10/29 20:37:31

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Chinese tech giant Huawei launched its HoloSens Store, an algorithm product market with 5G technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) and videos, on Tuesday during its smart security summit, hoping to upgrade the industry by building an ecosystem with its partners. 

Analysts say that Huawei has competitive advantages in 5G, AI, security and intelligent computing, and will become a new engine for the security industry.

The HoloSens Store offers cloud and edge products, as well as devices including software-defined cameras (SDCs), and is designed to be a catalyst for providing a safe society, said Peng Xiaodong, general manager of Huawei's intelligent security solutions, at the smart security summit.

On Sunday, Huawei unveiled the tech industry's first multi-lens and multi-core compound eye-shape camera, and the first smart micro-cloud based on Huawei's Kunpeng and Ascend processors. 

Huawei's competitiveness in 5G, AI, security and intelligent computing is obvious, and the ecology of intelligent computing is undergoing smooth construction, according to a report from China International Capital Corp (CICC). 

Huawei sees itself as a global leader of 5G technology with a leading number of patent applications and shipments, said Peng. The company has a dominant share of the security chip market and its self-developed AI chip performance ranks first in the world.

CICC said that Huawei may be the new engine for the security industry. In terms of investment, CICC is optimistic about 5G-related firms, saying that Huawei's partnership ecology is likely to become a major attraction for investment in China's future technology industry. 

5G's features, such as large bandwidth, high reliability, low latency and broad connection, expand the boundaries for security services, said Yu Hu, vice president of Huawei's intelligent security product line, during the China Public Security Expo on Sunday.

"AI technology accelerates the application of intelligent security in production and daily life. The evolution of computing power, algorithms and data means 'machine' can replace 'manual,' which improves production efficiency. AI and 5G can effectively accelerate applications in scenarios such as security, urban governance, manufacturing and logistics," Yu noted.

As a new generation of mobile communications technology, 5G and its integration with various industries is expanding. With the extensive deployment of 5G networks, related infrastructure is under construction globally. Industries previously constrained by speed limits for data transmission and processing are expected to break through their bottlenecks, according to the monthly academic magazine China Security and Protection.

Once the emerging industries expand due to the combination of AI and 5G, the amount of data generated will be hundreds of times that of the 4G era, said the magazine on September 30.

The global security market grew by 7 percent to $275.8 billion in 2018, according to research agency Forward - the Economist. China's security industry grew from 145.3 billion yuan ($20.6 billion) in 2007 to 648 billion yuan in 2017. Based on historical exchange rates, China's security industry has accounted for nearly 40 percent of the global total, China Security and Protection reported.

As the resolution of security surveillance video increases, the requirements for clarity continue to grow and the mass of data further increases. Surveillance cameras require 24-hour, continuous real-time transmission of video data streams. For large-scale video monitoring distribution, the requirements for transmission bandwidth and back-end storage are huge, according to the magazine.

The concept of "AI+ cloud" has emerged as a solution to the problem. Huge amounts of data must be processed by a corresponding data calculating and storage center, which has boosted the demand for computing and storage servers, said China Security and Protection. According to IDC, an industry data provider, the overall market size for cloud services in China reached 15 billion yuan in the first quarter of 2019, with year-on-year growth of 67.9 percent.

CSC Financial Corp is optimistic about the growth of the security industry, and said that using domestically made components and parts will become the trend.

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