HK court bans harmful internet behavior Published: 2019/10/31 23:57:06

Two men pose with smartphones in front of a screen showing the Telegram logos. Photo: VCG

Hong Kong's high court on Thursday issued a ban prohibiting internet users from posting information that promotes or incites violence. 

The interim injunction was approved through an emergency process after the Department of Justice issued a ban on the same day. 

The injunction bans posting, circulating, or sharing information and materials on platforms like LIHKG and Telegram to promote or incite violence, or cause property damage.  

The measure also calls for those who have engaged in such behavior to delete previous posts.  

A formal hearing on the injunction will be held on November 15. 

During the months long riots, speeches, photos, and videos inciting violence have flooded various online platforms. Rioters have used multiple platforms to organize and spread erroneous information in efforts to mislead residents.

Since then, such platforms have been dubbed "camp of rioters."

Those who fail to abide by the injunction will face civil or criminal prosecution and fines, and serious violators will be arrested and sentenced accordingly. 


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