UK baking contest organizer disappoints netizens over HK riot-themed cake

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/11/5 20:08:41


Chinese netizens said they are disappointed with the organizer of a UK baking competition who did not remove two cakes from the event which allegedly professed support for the Hong Kong riots, saying the move has hit China's bottom line. 

The two controversial cakes were removed from the "competition area" but not the competition itself, the organizer of the competition said in an email sent to the Global Times on Tuesday.

The response came after online photos showed two cakes, which were decorated with anti-Hong Kong government and police symbols including a Guy Fawkes mask, were shown at this year's Cake International baking competition in the UK on Friday.

Cake International has a 25-year history and is self-defined as the leading sugarcraft, cake-decorating and baking show.

The two cakes were later removed from the competition area after contestants from China reported it to the organizer.

While the organizer clarified that, "Neither of the competition entries were removed from the competition, they were both judged in line with the competition scheduled along with the rest of the 1,800 cakes that were entered."

One of the pro-violence pieces received a silver award and the other was disqualified for technical reasons, as the artist had used an inedible medium to glue umbrella decorations to the exterior and a part of the cake was beyond the confines of the cake board. These technical errors were "the only reason it was disqualified," read the email.

The incident has aroused widespread attention on the internet in China, and has been severely criticized by Chinese netizens over the weekend. 

The cakes that showed support to Hong Kong's violent protests and secessionism have hit China's bottom line. Zero tolerance for secessionism, Chinese netizens argued, adding that any behavior supporting Hong Kong secessionism is illegal and unacceptable.

 "Involving political pursuits in art creations is an insult to art," said one of the competition's contestants, surnamed Chen, according to a report from

Another participant also told the Global Times on Tuesday that Hong Kong secessionists have attacked the organizer online and harassed them during the competition.

The participant asked to remain anonymous as he has already been attacked by Hong Kong rioters.

"Our actions were not a comment on the political views of any participants but difficult decisions were made in order to preserve a safe environment... political opinion did not form part of our decision," the organizer said in the email. 


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