South Korea’s Chinese groom attraction surprises China’s netizens Published: 2019/11/8 0:33:02

Chinese actor Yu Xiaoguang and Korean actress Choo Ja-hyun are at their wedding ceremony in Seoul, South Korea on May 29, 2019. Photo: IC

Chinese grooms have become the latest trending topic among Chinese netizens after data revealed the men are most desired in South Korea's dating and marriage market. 

According to the Korea Broadcast System (KBS), Chinese grooms topped the list of foreign grooms in South Korea in 2018, accounting for 9.4 percent of the country's international marriages,  reported Shanghai news platform

Last year, 21.6 percent of South Korean foreign brides were Chinese, ranking second following Vietnamese brides. 

In 2018, there were 23,773 international marriages between South Korean residents and foreigners, an 8.5 percent increase from the previous year, said the report. 

The topic "Chinese grooms favored in South Korea" went viral on Sina Weibo, receiving 160 million views and over 6,200 comments. 

Some netizens commented that Chinese men are appealing to all countries as they are loyal to their wives, families, good cooks, and possess a sense of humor. They used Chinese actor Yu Xiaoguang as an example, who married Korean actress Choo Ja-hyun in 2017. 

Yu and Choo attended the South Korean TV show "Behind the Screen," and many South Korean female fans said they would like to find a husband like Yu as he was cute, nice to his wife, and enjoys housework.  

"Yu Xiaoguang is very popular in South Korea; I think he might leave a fine impression on Korean girls," said one net user. 

"I have a South Korean friend who is a girl, and she told me that Chinese boys are popular in South Korea because they will generously pay the bill after a meal," one net user joked. 

Besides Chinese grooms, netizens also discussed famous Chinese females who had married South Koreans like actress Tang Wei, who wed South Korean director Kim Tae-yong in 2014. 

"I think marriage is transcending national boundaries, as love is the most beautiful and universal language in the world," said another net user. 

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