Tesla unveils first batch of made-in-China Model 3 trial cars

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/11/9 10:33:43

Photo:Chen Xia/GT

US electric carmaker Tesla unveiled the first batch of Model 3 trial cars  manufactured in its Shanghai Gigafactory 3, which according to the automobile giant is  a fusion of "Silicon Valley gene" and Chinese craftsmanship. 

The Model 3 trial car is in every way the same as its imported version from its exteriors  to configuration parameters, said Liu Yang, senior manager of Tesla's training department. The trial cars also have some parts supplied by Chinese companies, such as the Zhengzhou-based glass-making giant Fuyao Glass. 

The trial Model 3 cars were fully manufactured in Tesla's newly-built Shanghai Gigafactory 3, a vehicle production factory that Tesla managed to build from scratch in less than 10 months. Liu attributed the fast-paced manufacturing to the Chinese government's support, Tesla's efficiency in communication, the non-hierarchical corporate system, and the company's hardworking culture. 

According to Liu, Tesla is currently waiting for the  manufacturing permit and will immediately start its mass production  soon after. The company is expected to start delivering locally made Model 3 cars from January 2020.  

Tesla is investing in China in an attempt to bank on the country's fast-growing but increasingly competitive electric car market. China is expected to sell 1.4 million new-energy cars this year, according to media reports compared to the1.26 million new-energy cars sold last year. 

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