HK police disperse rioters who disrupt traffic at rush hour

By Zhao Yu, Cheng Zhong and Bai Yunyi in Hong Kong Source:Global Times Published: 2019/11/11 11:23:39

Hong Kong entered another day of chaos on Monday morning as black-clad rioters blocked roads, set fires in subway carriages and jeopardized the safety of ordinary people. 

Disregarding the safety of others, rioters threw debris from a footbridge at a transport junction on Monday morning, seriously hindering traffic during morning rush hour. They have launched a general strike across the city and had planned to start disrupting public transport from 7 am, according to social networks like Telegram and LIHKG, which rioters use to organize rallies.

Some rioters set fires in Hong Kong on Monday morning. Source: Web

According to Hong Kong media, 22 stations on eight MRT lines suspended services on Monday morning. 

Several universities including the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Shue Yan University announced the cancellation of all classes on Monday as public transport services were seriously affected, according to school announcements.

A local resident affected by traffic disruptions told the Global Times that rioters acted in a lawless and insane way. "They set fires in subway cars, throw Molotov cocktails at a school bus, and attacked ordinary people. We support the police to strictly enforce the law," he said.

Radical black-clad rioters vandalize a restaurant of Maxim's in Sha Tin. Source: HK01

Police entered the campus of Polytechnic University to round up violent protesters rioters and allegedly fired tear gas, while a group of rioters vandalized university property.

Some rioters even set fires at Tate's Cairn Tunnel at Shatin and inside MRT stations. Rioters set fires at Kwai Fung station this morning, seriously jeopardizing the safety of passengers and causing the suspension of services on the Tseun Wan line.

At around 7:30 am, a group of rioters set up barricades at a traffic junction in San Wan Ho and black-clad rioters attacked a police officer who came to carry out dispersal work. The police officer fired a live round at one rioter in self defense, according to local media reports.

During police operations, one police officer has discharged his service revolver, and one male was shot, Hong Kong police said in an announcement. In the Shatin and Tung Chung operations, police officers have drawn their service arms from their holsters.

Police dismissed online rumors that police management had ordered frontline officers to recklessly use their firearms in today’s operations. Police clarifies that this allegation is totally false and malicious. Police has strict guidelines and orders regarding the use of firearms. All Police officers are required to justify their enforcement actions, according to the police announcement.

The involved rioter who injured his left kidney and liver is reportedly undergoing surgery in hospital, according to Hong Kong media. 

Hong Kong police officer Lau Chak-kei who once was forced to point a shotgun at rioters in self-defense in previous operations commented on Weibo on Monday, "There will be consequences for vandalism and blocking roads. Don't assume that police would never open fire. This is international standard!"

Police urged the protesters to stop their illegal acts immediately. Police said in the morning that they were clearing barricades that had caused serious obstruction to traffic and were conducting dispersal operations. Police appealed to commuters to plan for longer journeys, and stay tuned to the latest traffic announcements.


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