‘Peking University butcher’ sees annual sales of $257 million

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/11/11 16:33:39

Lu Buxuan, known as Peking University butcher, prepares to cut pork. Photo: screenshot of video posted by Pear Video

When Lu Buxuan graduated from China's elite Peking University at the beginning of the century, he decided to sell pork in a market stall, leading to a huge debate over the usefulness of a prestigious university degree. Today, he is still selling pork, and his company's annual sales reach 1.8 billion yuan ($257 million).

The university graduate became known as the "Peking University butcher" after media reported on him in 2003.

"He graduated from Peking University, but he still has to sell pork in the market with other people who only graduated from primary school, which demonstrates that learning is useless," was one typical online comment. Lu's experience caused many people to question why it was necessary to have higher education.

But Lu insisted to Pear Video that learning is useful as it can optimize people's way of thinking.

Although he failed in several business ventures after graduation, he has now successfully established his own company that sells fresh pork online, which sees annual sales of 1.8 billion yuan.

Lu has also opened a training school and written a guide book to instruct people how to procure and sell pork. He believes learning and reading contributed to his achievement. After reading about Lu's story, netizens agree with the importance of study.

Newspaper headline: 'Peking University butcher’ becomes market leader


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