Religious leaders urge Hong Kong people to say no to violence

Source: Published: 2019/11/14 14:38:34

Black-clad rioters set fire on a street in Sai Wan Ho in Hong Kong on Monday. Photo: Xinhua

Religious leaders have jointly called on residents to say no to violence and help bring peace to Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) as soon as possible.

Leaders of Hong Kong's six major religious groups co-signed a statement and stressed that no one should propagate violent and destructive acts, which will not solve problems but only harm more people.

The statement said recent violent incidents went against Hong Kong people's long-held value of peace and integration, urging the public to overcome hatred and put Hong Kong back on track.

The statement was co-signed by Ven. Kuan Yun, president of the Hong Kong Buddhist Association, Cardinal John Tong Hon, Apostolic Administrator-Bishop Emeritus of Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong, Tong Yun-kai, president of the Confucian Academy, Sat Che-sang, chairman of the Chinese Muslim Cultural and Fraternal Association, Rev. Eric So Shing-yit, Chairman of Hong Kong Christian Council, and Leung Tak-wah, Chairman of the Hong Kong Taoist Association.


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