HK police play songs to rioters, inspiring a netizens’ playlist

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/11/20 17:58:40

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University on Sunday night. Photo: screenshot of video posted by the Global Times

Hong Kong police attempted to appeal to the sentimentality of the final rioters, who held up in Hong Kong Polytechnic University, by playing love songs over the PA system, which has inspired Chinese netizens to come up with their own playlist to serenade the rioters.

The police have been broadcasting popular songs including "Green Island Serenade," the theme song of the Hong Kong movie Prison on Fire, and "Ambush from All Sides."

The lyrics include such sentimental lines as "We could almost meet each other. What a pity we brushed past again. Hiding everywhere to wait for you, I felt lonelier than ever." 

Chinese netizens loved the creative thinking of Hong Kong police and developed a playlist of 15 songs including "Do you know I am waiting for you" and even the tearjerker "Last Christmas."

The playlist is titled "Hong Kong Polytechnic University Music Festival" by Hong Kong police.  The songs on the list have been played more than 90,000 times and downloaded by more than 7,000 netizens, according to the Beijing Daily.

A Hong Kong policeman replied to the post on Sina Weibo on Monday, saying he would recommend the playlist to his colleagues.


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