China calls for bringing voluntary blood donation into social credit system

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/11/20 21:23:40

Photo: VCG

Chinese authorities call for bringing voluntary blood donation into the social credit system to establish an incentive mechanism network for individuals and units, and provide preferential treatment for blood donors using public facilities, said a circular issued by multiple Chinese departments including National Health Commission, reported on Tuesday.

As of June, the number of unpaid blood donators and blood donation in China had increased for 20 consecutive years. 

In 2018, nearly 15 million people donated blood without compensation, and 25 million units of blood were collected, according to the National Health Commission, said the report.

The document calls for improving the long-term working mechanism of unpaid blood donation, as well as improving the service of blood stations and the construction of blood donation houses in urban planning. 

It also requires local administrative departments to strengthen the ability of blood emergency support, such as in ensuring blood supply in case of natural disasters and other emergencies. 

To improve the service level of blood stations, the circular announces all localities will explore establishing a model combining unpaid blood donation with internet data to provide personalized services for blood donors.

Through this model, blood donors and their immediate family members can be discharged from the hospital more quickly to reduce the cost of their blood use. 

Blood bank information can also be published through this model to enhance social trust, according to the report.

The circular also said blood security level in poverty areas needs to be improved and their blood collection and supply network needs to be strengthened.

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