Chinese Vice President calls for abandonment of Cold War mentality

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/11/21 10:57:32

Photo:Li Qiaoyi/GT

Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan on Thursday called for the abandonment of zero-sum and Cold War mentalities, saying economic globalization has taken a hit from rising protectionism, unilateralism and populism.

"Between war and peace, the Chinese people will always opt for peace," Wang said at the New Economy Forum in Beijing on Thursday. 

He said China will continue to steadfastly pursue a peaceful development path. These words were not merely diplomatic language, but a firm commitment to the future of humanity.

Wang called for global governance based on consultation, joint contribution, shared benefits, multilateralism and democratic global relations, in an effort to build a fairer and more reasonable global governance system.

All countries should cooperate and explore new methods of curing the current development deficit, Wang said, noting that imbalanced and insufficient development can only be resolved by development itself.

"We should stick to driving for innovation and developing a vibrant growth model, while pursuing an open, win-win cooperation model and sticking to fairness and inclusiveness," Wang said.

He said reformers and innovators should brave the challenges.

China will unswervingly uphold its combination of the basic system of socialism and the market economy system, and give full play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation, Wang said.

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