Woman compensated for dentist’s errors

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/11/21 17:48:40

Photo: IC

A series of unfortunate and uncomfortable events involving a woman's entry and exit points for food resulted in her getting 12,000 yuan ($1,703) in compensation from her dentist. 

The woman in Northeast China said she had botched dental surgery which caused her extreme case of hemorrhoids, for which she had surgery four years ago, to once again rear their ugly head - so to speak.

The woman surnamed Chen said her first treatment at a dentist in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, only exacerbated problems with her teeth.

Chen told Knews her dentist damaged her gums during her first visit and had to have additional surgery to replace a tooth. During that visit the replacement tooth popped loose and she swallowed it. 

In a panic, Chen took a powerful laxative that was utterly effective over the next four days.  

"I needed to go to toilet seven or eight times a day, which led to my hemorrhoid returning," Chen said. 

The series of blunders by the dentist enraged Chen and she demanded compensation but is still not satisfied with the 12,000 yuan payout she received.

Chen's tooth was finally repaired at another dental clinic, according to the report of Knews.

"Actually swallowing a broken tooth is no big deal, it will reappear at the other end in a few days,"a netizen wrote.


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