Dragon man could have belched fire, exploded after swallowing lighter

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/11/24 17:28:40

The lighter found by doctor from the stomach of a drunk in Northeast China. Photo: Screenshot from a video by Pear Video

A drunk in Northeast China could have become a real-life, fire belching dragon or perhaps even exploded, said his doctor who removed a lighter from the man's stomach.

The man in Shenyang, capital of Liaoning Province couldn't stop vomiting and told doctors at a local hospital on Friday he had swallowed a lighter three days prior during a drinking binge, Pear Video reported on Saturday.

"I saw a yellow-colored lighter in his stomach through a gastro scope. One side of the lighter was completely disintegrated and lighter fuel was leaking into his stomach. He kept belching and I could smell the gas," said Liu Xi, a doctor at Shenyang Fifth People's Hospital.

"If the gas came in contact with an ignition source, it could have exploded and killed the man," Liu said.

Net users said it was fortunate that the man didn't try to light a cigarette.

Liu removed the lighter from the stomach of the man, who has since recovered.

Pear Video

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