Belgian media hype over cyber attack claims aimed at disrupting bilateral ties

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/11/24 22:18:40

A screenshot of the embassy's statement. Photo: website of the Chinese Embassy in Belgium.

 The Chinese Embassy in Belgium on Sunday slammed some Belgian media outlets that claimed a trade delegation faced massive cyber attacks in China, saying that the media hype is aimed at hampering bilateral ties. 

Cyber attacks, a complex global issue, are anonymous and cross-border in nature. Some parties, without solid evidence, made unfounded speculation and hype about alleged cyber attacks by China, the embassy said in a statement. 

Such extremely irresponsible claims have the ulterior motives of putting a spoke in the wheel, and putting a brake on China-Belgium win-win cooperation which is poised to accelerate progress following the trade mission's successful visit to China, it said.

The Chinese government has been a firm defender of cyber security and opposes any form of cyber attacks. China stands ready to work with the Belgian side in materializing the results of the trade mission led by Princess Astrid so that the China-Belgium cooperation will bring even more tangible benefits to the two peoples, the statement said.

Local media outlets, including the Brussels Times, reported Saturday that delegates had suffered "massive" cyber attacks and identified Chinese as "culprits." 

Belgium sent its largest-ever business delegation to China for a six-day visit on November 17-22 to shore up economic and diplomatic ties and identify areas for further economic cooperation. The 632-strong delegation was led by Princess Astrid of Belgium. She said she hoped the two sides would deepen cooperation in areas like trade and culture.

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