Web star uploads video of personal domestic violence assault, sparking outcry from Chinese netizens

Source:Globaltimes.cn Published: 2019/11/26 5:40:01

Photo: Screenshot of Yuyamika Weibo video

Photo: Screenshot of Yuyamika Weibo video

A female celebrity blogger on Monday uploaded a video online of a man attacking her and forcibly pulling her out of an elevator. The woman later said she had been the victim of domestic abuse from her ex-boyfriend, which sparked outcry from Chinese netizens who have called for the man to be punished. 

Beauty blogger Yuyamika (pseudonym), who shot to web-stardom for her amazing makeup skills, posted the video on International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. The hashtag has been viewed more than 600 million times as of press time.

The video starts with elevator surveillance footage of a man forcibly dragging her out of an elevator as she tries to resist.  

While lying on the ground, she holds the elevator door open with one leg. "I knew he would beat me after dragging me out of the elevator, so I was terrified and struggled," she said. 

After she failed to hang on, the surveillance footage ends. 

The video next exposes more domestic violence incidents that involve her ex-boyfriend through candid interviews with his ex-wife and friends.  

The video states that he had been previously married twice before starting  a relationship with Yuyamika, and both marriages ended due to domestic violence.

"He kept kicking my body, and I was so scared that I could only lie down on the ground and wait until he finished blowing off his steam," Yuyamika said.  

One of his ex-wives said she could clearly remember five incidents of domestic abuse during their marriage. 

A friend of Yuyamika's confirmed she took her to the hospital after the attack.

"I could see bruises on her body when she took off her clothes," her friend said.

"He even told me to sue him because he knows I won't win," Yuyamika said. "I did not keep proof, so it won't work even though I called the police."

The video has sparked outrage against the ex-boyfriend and domestic violence among Chinese netizens. Hours after the video was uploaded, the man was exposed on Sina Weibo.

Netizens praised Yuyamika's courage and said she was brave for speaking out while urging her to alert the police so he ex-boyfriend could be punished.  

"You can do an assessment of your injury and alert the police with the witnesses. The batterer has to be punished," said one Weibo user.

Amid International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, netizens also asked how women could be protected from domestic violence.

A variety of activities aimed at preventing domestic violence have been launched throughout China, which are meant to raise awareness among residents so they can understand that domestic violence is unlawful and also educate women on the legal protections available to them, media reported. 

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