Chinese actor faces abuse allegations from S. American girlfriend Published: 2019/11/28 2:01:27


A woman demonstrates against domestic violence in Shenzhen, South China's Guangdong Province, December 10, 2014. File Photo: VCG

A Chinese actor accused of abusing his foreign girlfriend has drawn harsh criticism online following the outcry over a Chinese beauty blogger who had endured domestic violence from her former boyfriend. 

Jiang Jinfu, a well-known actor with a prior abuse record, was exposed for allegedly abusing his Uruguayan girlfriend, Julieta, who shared her experiences on her Instagram account on Monday.

"He is a control freak, very violent and extremely jealous," said Julieta, noting that Jiang had physically abused her and on two occasions, threatened to kill her. 

She described her relationship with Jiang as dark, and compared the experience to living in a prison. 

"We have been together for less than 2 months, but the pressure has seriously affected my health. If there is any woman who has the same experience as me, please bravely leave," she said.

Jiang's lawyer issued a statement where he refuted the abuse allegations and urged Julieta to delete her posts and apologize. 

Julieta posted a photo on her Instagram page of a bruise on her arm, explaining it was one of several on her body that was a result of Jiang squeezing and beating her. 

"It is hard to keep these pictures of evidence because he has been controlling my phone," she added.

Jiang made headlines last year when he admitted to domestic violence against his former Japanese girlfriend, Haruku Nakaura, who allegedly suffered a miscarriage due to the actor's abusive behavior. 

News of Jiang's second domestic violence allegations triggered renewed outrage among netizens over the repeated acts of violence. 

A Chinese celebrity blogger, known as Yuyamika, charged her ex-boyfriend of repeatedly abusing her and other female victims in a video recently posted on Weibo. The Korean artist, Goo Hara, who was found dead on November 24, had also suffered from physical and sexual abuse from her ex-boyfriend. 

"The happening of domestic violence is either ZERO or COUNTLESS," is a widely-used comment on social media. 

A CCTV anchor called for "zero tolerance for domestic violence" in a post-show video on Tuesday, and said, "home will not be home if violence exists."

Zhang Rongli, an associate professor at China Women's University law school has called for stronger laws and regulations on domestic violence at the national level. Zhang also said specific acts are needed to prevent and protect women from further abuse. 

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