DC Comics poster hints at support for HK riots, triggering strong backlash

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/11/28 12:33:36

Screenshot of DC Comics instagram account. Photo: Web

DC Comics' official Instagram account released a poster for Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child which implied its support of Hong Kong's rioters, sparking a strong backlash on social media. Some users on Sina Weibo have demanded an apology from DC Comics and said its timing in posting such a picture was unacceptable. 

In the poster, a figure dressed as Batman, one of DC's most iconic fictional characters, holds a flaming glass bottle. 

"The future is young. Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child out 12/11," the DC Comics Instagram account commented on the post on Wednesday, though the comment and post were later deleted. 

In the Batman series, Batman saves the citizens of Gotham City and battles various criminals like the Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman and the Joker. After the recent release of The Joker, some people compared the city of Hong Kong with Gotham, saying the movie is representative for Hong Kong rioters. 

The poster sparked strong criticism on various social media, including Instagram, Twitter and Weibo. Most users linked the poster to the unrest in Hong Kong, interpreting Batman's gesture as supportive of Hong Kong's unrest and violence. On LIHKG, a major social-networking platform used by rioters to incite violence and spread false information, users praised the poster. 

A Weibo user asked, "Is Hong Kong really becoming Gotham City? But Hong Kong rioters are not Batman. Instead, they are the criminals of Gotham City."

Another user on Instagram said, "That was not batman! Batman would not do that."

Non-Chinese users on Instagram also commented that DC Comics is playing with fire. "DC just killed Batman, Batman will never bow to evil."

Other Chinese social media users said they would "refuse to buy or support anything of DC from now on," calling for further explanations from DC and urging the US firm to clarify its stance on Hong Kong. 

Some fans of DC Comics explained on Weibo that the figure in the poster is not Batman, but were refuted by others.

"This poster is really ambiguous. My friends, who don't watch DC Comics, said their first impression after seeing the poster was to support [Hong Kong's rioters]," a Weibo user posted. 

As of press time, DC Comics had not responded to the Global Times' inquiry. 

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