Hong Kong society needs to jointly resist US provocation

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/11/28 16:48:40

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US President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act. This amounts to typical US interference in China's Hong Kong affairs.

Being part of China, Hong Kong enjoys a high degree of autonomy under the country's governance. Washington has no jurisdiction over Hong Kong, but the legislation tries to legitimize its right to affect Beijing's policies on the city, which is a clear violation of Chinese sovereignty. Imagine if China takes action to interfere in the US presidential elections or adopts a policy regulating how Canberra should treat its ethnic minority groups, will there be a strong backlash?

It is clearly not the time for China to reason with the US, but to be rational in China-US conflicts. We must prevent more Hongkongers from being misled by US craftiness, which will eventually harm their interests. 

Washington is determined to turn Hong Kong into a new front to strategically pressure Beijing. Some beguiled Hongkongers have been taken over by the illusion that the law could help their city gain a higher degree of autonomy, as they imagine Beijing would be deterred by the US legislation, and thus make major concessions that are not in line with the Basic Law. 

China's key countermeasure against the law is to further clarify the fundamental rules of the "one country, two systems" principle, completely dispel Hong Kong radical opposition's pipe dream to realize "absolute universal suffrage," correct their misunderstanding of the principle, and firmly repulse US assessments of the high degree of autonomy in Hong Kong.

We must leave no room for collusion and interaction between Hong Kong's radical opposition and the US government. They may act alone and bear the costs, but shall never dream of jointly coercing Beijing.

It is the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress that holds the power of interpreting the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). Facing the US' potential move to cancel Hong Kong's special trade status with this law, Hong Kong society needs to behave in accordance with the Basic Law on major issues and cooperate with the central government to offer no pretext for the US to use this law. If the radical opposition interprets the Basic Law in an unconstitutional manner, mainstream society in Hong Kong must stand up against them and stop them. 

If Hong Kong society has force strong enough to resist constitutional arrangements, thus helping the US resort to its law and causing further damage to the city's business environment, it will be Hong Kong society's misfortune. The city will suffer some pain and make necessary adjustments to its economic structure. 

Hong Kong's special trade status is stipulated by the Basic Law, rather than awarded by the US. As long as the society sobers up and works hard with the motherland's support, no external forces can truly wield influence over its destiny.

In the meantime, the law also threatens to sanction Hongkongers who do not cooperate with the US. This will suppress neutral space for people with different ideas and further tear the city apart. The only way to maintain the solidarity of Hong Kong is to resist US provocation and prevent more people from joining hands with the opposition for fear of US sanctions. Efforts to fight the forces colluding with the US should be stepped up, and the corresponding laws need to be improved. There is no way to allow traitors to prevail and patriots to suffer. 

"One country, two systems" is China's independent constitutional arrangement and US intervention damages its external environment. Hong Kong society should be vigilant. To maintain "one country, two systems," the Chinese mainland and the HKSAR need to work together. Anyone who colludes with external forces to undermine "one country, two systems" must pay a heavy price.

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