R1SE aims to set the example for Chinese idol groups

By Liu Zhongyin Source:Global Times Published: 2019/12/2 18:06:02

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The first episode of Chinese boy band R1SE’ variety show Eleven Boys’ Autumn debuted on Chinese streaming platform Tencent Video on Sunday. The six-episode program will see the 11 members meet with the young people that inspired the six songs released on their second EP Boom!Rhapsody! 

The band is composed of the winners of survival reality show Produce Camp 2019. Debuting on the show on June 8, the eleven members of the temporary band will perform music and take part in programs and activities as a group for two years. 

The band name, R1SE, has a special meaning: R stands for run, 1 means NO.1, S is Sun and E stands for energy. The name of the band reflects the energetic and robust early adult life stage of the band’s members, the majority of whom were born after 2000.

Chinese idol production programs have been all the rage in recent years. One phenomenal success was Idol Producer in 2018, from which temporary band Nine Percent came into being. Although some members, like Cai Xukun and Chen Linong, earned tremendous fan support or noticeable fame, the group was mocked for a lack of unity and it was disbanded in October amid massive fan disappointment. 

As another temporary group coming up as the music industry explores different development models for Chinese bands and temporary bands, R1SE has set clear goals and has worked hard to live up to fan expectations.

Most members of R1SE have abundant experience as idol trainees or were established entertainers before taking part in Produce Camp 2019. For example, team leader Zhou Zhennan debuted in 2017 after winning fourth place in another survival show, The Coming One Season One, and Yan Xujia starred in several dramas and films before debuting in R1SE. 

The program producers emphasized that Produce Camp 2019 was not for beginners but asked participants to demonstrate their professionalism as their goal was to push the industry to a higher level of excellence. 

According to a report from Chinese media outlet Sansheng, Wajijiwa Entertainment CEO Long Danni revealed a detailed two-year development scheme for R1SE called the Sun Project. It includes filming R1SE documentaries, organizing eight fan meets, at least two concerts and two large variety shows and four smaller variety shows. Most important of all is that they plan to release 30 singles, a good sign that the Chinese boy band values music instead of being obsessed with constant appearances on TV programs that have nothing to do with music. 

The orientation of the boy band is music creation. Their first EP, Explode with Great Noises, was highly welcomed by fans and set a record by earning 20 million yuan ($2.85 million) in pre-sales. The title of their second EP, Boom!Rhapsody!, also reflects the enthusiastic and energetic nature of these young men. 

Eleven Boys’ Autumn is R1SE’s first large variety show. In the first episode, the band’s members meet crosstalk comedians Guo Qilin and Tao Yang, who is also a Peking Opera performer, to learn more about traditional Chinese art performances. This lines up with the band’s second EP, which pays tribute to Peking Opera and combines traditional Chinese folk music with pop music.

It is not easy being a musician, especially as part of an idol group. Wajijiwa Entertainment’s Rocket Girls 101 is one of the most famous girl bands in China. On the last episode of Produce Camp 2019, Rocket Girls member Yang Chaoyue advised the members of R1SE to prepare for the upcoming difficulties they are sure to face after winning the survival show. The 11 young men seem very humble and dedicated to achieving their dreams to become outstanding entertainers. Whether or not they can establish a model for Chinese idol groups to follow remains unknown, but their current established plan certainly places them on the right path.

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